Exposing My Boxing Opponent 

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TikTok vs EEfrom Boxing Event is taking place on June 12th!!

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FaZe Jarvis tricks his boxing opponent Michael Le a.k.a. justmaiko into a phone call where he exposes his true colors featuring @TeaWap @FaZe Kay

🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

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15 apr 2021



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Vxlatge 13 minutit tagasi
Ddg fighting to sheeesh
Ricky Moua
Ricky Moua Tund tagasi
No one is getting knocked out with headgear and 16 oz gloves,but Jarvis will win for sure
Kelicea Spagner
Kelicea Spagner Tund tagasi
Go tiktok
Rice Eater
Rice Eater Tund tagasi
Austin McBroom: Steroids ain’t gon’ help him either 🤣
Yaboi360 Tund tagasi
I am going for EEfrom but I don’t think your going to win, let me explain, your a gamer and your opponent is a person who dances with his brother, if your a gamer your chance of winning is low if your a dancer then you have a higher chance of winning because you can dodge and stuff so yeah but I like u more so no hate
Trey Philllips
Trey Philllips 2 tundi tagasi
The funny thing is Danny has not trained for shit😂
Isreal PlayZ
Isreal PlayZ 2 tundi tagasi
left right goodnight
Erica Tarafa
Erica Tarafa 3 tundi tagasi
Brandon Davids
Brandon Davids 4 tundi tagasi
Can't u see that the Twitter account is not verified and we know u did it dude because he has 2 different profiles don't be stupid
90kgh fahj
90kgh fahj 4 tundi tagasi
Screw jarvis Michael is much better
Makayla Ramsingh
Makayla Ramsingh 5 tundi tagasi
why u soo dude i love justmaiko
Sofoke Peña
Sofoke Peña 5 tundi tagasi
U mah goofy LMAO he said whatever I want u so dumb thats why u can't play Fortnite no more Fortnite boy 🤣🤣😭
brian thompson
brian thompson 5 tundi tagasi
bro I like faze jarvis but I like I'm on tik tok side sorry
Poopin Savage
Poopin Savage 3 tundi tagasi
Nah its gonna be a tie
Paradoxed 5 tundi tagasi
4:02 Brooo Michael built like a marshmallow
Ezra Escobar
Ezra Escobar 6 tundi tagasi
We already know Jarvis the king is winning this
halilramadan8 6 tundi tagasi
Cayden Griffin
Cayden Griffin 6 tundi tagasi
I’m on side youtube
Trevor Tumfo
Trevor Tumfo 6 tundi tagasi
Michael is scared
Astroboy 9 tundi tagasi
I personally don’t like either of these guys, since there both liars, I just wanna see the fight
Team Stable
Team Stable 9 tundi tagasi
THEMIS 11 tundi tagasi
why do white men think that they can beat black people and then get beaten up by black people
THEMIS 6 tundi tagasi
@Smooch The Doog yea i ment ksi vs jake paul poop and shit distraks n all
Smooch The Doog
Smooch The Doog 6 tundi tagasi
I dont think thats how he means it
Mayleen Roby
Mayleen Roby 11 tundi tagasi
Why do I feel bad for
Jeremiah Garcia
Jeremiah Garcia 13 tundi tagasi
Danny can take down all of the tiktokera
rage infamous
rage infamous 16 tundi tagasi
Imagine losing to michael after all this
CompliKadeN 16 tundi tagasi
Michael got this in the bag 🎒
SOYA DABOSS 17 tundi tagasi
I like Micheal more than cry dude
Beastednocap -
Beastednocap - 18 tundi tagasi
I didn’t know Danny was going to fight and if he is he’s going to not the shit out of someone
Angel Alvarado
Angel Alvarado 18 tundi tagasi
Michael is winning
KarsonPlays 19 tundi tagasi
Its all just for fame and money smh
Leonidas Faasavalu
Leonidas Faasavalu 19 tundi tagasi
Now we know he has a girl
West Lee
West Lee 19 tundi tagasi
Their just tryna hype up the fight.
Hnine Htet Maung
Hnine Htet Maung 20 tundi tagasi
Michael I’ll in
Davian Hernandez
Davian Hernandez 21 tund tagasi
Why does teewap look like chucky
Trishana Dick
Trishana Dick 21 tund tagasi
Jarvis u going and wen
Chain x Beast
Chain x Beast 23 tundi tagasi
EEfrom all the way man
Dylan_On60Hz 23 tundi tagasi
Who tanner fight?
Diego Deleon
Diego Deleon Päev tagasi
Nah I'm waiting for the Danny dunkin fight
xtprr Päev tagasi
روح عل المي ولاك
HyperX Elliot
HyperX Elliot Päev tagasi
When is the boxing match?
Rich Boy786
Rich Boy786 Päev tagasi
You're doing the fight in June 12th
Bro this easy for Jarvis
francisco avila
francisco avila Päev tagasi
EEfrom for life
Javier Hacha
Javier Hacha Päev tagasi
Yo, michael is making a bad impression for asians😞
Kemario Richards
Kemario Richards Päev tagasi
Jarvis nose going to be like what in my dreams boooooo
Kemario Richards
Kemario Richards Päev tagasi
U punch in face Jarvis losser
uiipi on xbox
uiipi on xbox Päev tagasi
Jarvis just went rock bottom after fortnite 💀 2 words CLOUT chaser
Wtf Spexz
Wtf Spexz Päev tagasi
JoeyDaBeast Päev tagasi
I'm just saying Michael and Jarvis can't box for shit
Marnis Kasemllari
Marnis Kasemllari Päev tagasi
I'm 100000% sure that Jarvis is going to win in the fight.
Jennifer Mason
Jennifer Mason Päev tagasi
now we know you got a girl Micheal lmfao
Matthew Amalfitano
Matthew Amalfitano Päev tagasi
Jarvis is going to knock him out
Underaged Goblin
Underaged Goblin Päev tagasi
Faze jarvis gonna kill micheal.
Sena and Sagni Pranks
you are lost
Inez Stallworth
Inez Stallworth Päev tagasi
Jarvis you're going to knock the glasses off of Michael
R-301Ritz Cracker
R-301Ritz Cracker Päev tagasi
I’m on EEfrom’s side
T1N Twixtor
T1N Twixtor Päev tagasi
Krepi Päev tagasi
Bro’s stuttering mad hard obvious he’s scared bro
Vengeance Päev tagasi
What happened to Danny duncan😢
Σταύρος Βαβουγυιός
EEfromeeee all dayyyy
UltraCell 2 päeva tagasi
I’m exited for the fifth
prince jabula
prince jabula 2 päeva tagasi
No cap sorry bro but i'm with tik toker's
Home Boys
Home Boys 2 päeva tagasi
On his tweet the top comment said “but u r gonna lose no hate!🤣”
Mr.zeroYT-_- YT
Mr.zeroYT-_- YT 2 päeva tagasi
After tomorrow is the fight match let’s gooo yt team
maisy mamo
maisy mamo 2 päeva tagasi
can nate even fight and ur my idol
francois jacobs
francois jacobs 2 päeva tagasi
Bruhhh really you think that we would think this was real🤣🤣
Ryley Dale Viray
Ryley Dale Viray 2 päeva tagasi
Joshua Ngo
Joshua Ngo 2 päeva tagasi
Micheals my fave
RiKeR Payn
RiKeR Payn 2 päeva tagasi
bet he's watching this video
OhhReallyy- 2 päeva tagasi
Jarvis set ur next fight with me. I will hit ya 1 time and u will be OUT
SᴏᴜʟGz 2 päeva tagasi
I think that they pranked us
1800fs 2 päeva tagasi
danny is in this too?
MysticRxts 2 päeva tagasi
Ian Perez
Ian Perez 2 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad
Ian Perez
Ian Perez 2 päeva tagasi
U went to far
Marla Pardo
Marla Pardo 3 päeva tagasi
I’m on youtube
Oscar Man
Oscar Man 3 päeva tagasi
That's so bad to make fun of an innocent
Taylor Nevarez
Taylor Nevarez 3 päeva tagasi
Just be ready Jarvis yes you will see him in the ring and his going to beat your but🤣
Snoopy Päev tagasi
Ok roblox kid
MZS Playz YT
MZS Playz YT 3 päeva tagasi
Well Your girlfriend is not private anymore
Xxxtentacion fan page X
Xxxtentacion fan page X 3 päeva tagasi
Mc broom and Jarvis are actually f.****** sweating
Darshan Kistan
Darshan Kistan 3 päeva tagasi
faze nickle
faze nickle 3 päeva tagasi
Remo slayz Gaming
Remo slayz Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
Good job it went from fortnite, to boxing respect
•xXSunflower girlXx• X
Nah but the fact that he said that he is trying to keep his gif private and he’s not like blurring it or shit like tf
Christicus 101
Christicus 101 3 päeva tagasi
thats just kinda mean
Marinas Fashions
Marinas Fashions 3 päeva tagasi
Side EEfrom
BoomNoodles 3 päeva tagasi
Even the video quality is in 4k.
Erik Bañuelos
Erik Bañuelos 4 päeva tagasi
Samuel Casimir
Samuel Casimir 4 päeva tagasi
Nikki L
Nikki L 4 päeva tagasi
I mean, it would of been smart to hype the fight up like he is saying. Idk why but I kind of feel bad for him lol, he seems so innocent.
idalia Duarte
idalia Duarte 4 päeva tagasi
i cant belive it
BaoFN 4 päeva tagasi
Idk why yall hating on Michael, I don’t hate any of them but Michael is just tryna hype up the fight and it’s good for both Jarvis and Michael but Jarvis decide to expose him just for content for himself so in my opinion that’s kinda selfish and I felt bad for Michael but idk which side I’m on
Gamer_boy90 4 päeva tagasi
u shouldnt have do that thats madd
its_yourgirljenni Martinez
F u Jarvis I'm on Michael side
A13jandr0 Osorio
A13jandr0 Osorio 4 päeva tagasi
I just notice the fight Jarvis and the other guy is in my birthday I might watch it ong
Jaden Pete Coronel
Jaden Pete Coronel 4 päeva tagasi
jarvis my guy said to troll this tiktok kid bruh ur 18 his 21.
Shara Teddy
Shara Teddy 4 päeva tagasi
srs lets be friendly w miko😭he kind boy...
Edwin Bot
Edwin Bot 4 päeva tagasi
@michel le This you 🤧🤧
Rxinz 4 päeva tagasi
bruh all the tiktokers talk sh*t until they get into the ring 😤
Anime Videos
Anime Videos 5 päeva tagasi
I’m sorry Michael but you’re done for the day
Qwakk 5 päeva tagasi
if this comment gets pinneed, i'll go skydiving
Ryan Mcg
Ryan Mcg 5 päeva tagasi
Team EEfrom where you at
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