I Hosted My Own Secret Fortnite Club 

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Ever since FaZe Jarvis got banned from Epic Games' Fortnite, things have not been the same. So today, Jarvis Hosted his Own Gaming Secret Fortnite Club at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas where celebrities such as Ninja, Pokimane, and Valkyrae
featuring TeaWap

🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss



24 apr 2021



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Tostarrica 14 tundi tagasi
there is people that actualy think this is real
cylowtf Päev tagasi
Get Jarvis unbanned fortnite
Cen Ferizi
Cen Ferizi 2 päeva tagasi
Chasei Wells
Chasei Wells 2 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis
Faze_Juice_Yt 6 päeva tagasi
Even though he is old still can't play fortnite dam n fortnite was serious about his ban
Rifle 7 päeva tagasi
#Freejarvis my guy
ALEJANDRO BORELLO 8 päeva tagasi
vDiorJay....Uploads 8 päeva tagasi
Buğlem Sezer
Buğlem Sezer 8 päeva tagasi
Arthur Daniel Resende Santim
Quem veio pelo goularte?
Adile Marra
Adile Marra 10 päeva tagasi
Come on Jarvis
Cameron Hurteau
Cameron Hurteau 10 päeva tagasi
N'golo Kante
N'golo Kante 10 päeva tagasi
Everyone text epic games and say unban jarvis
Negjat Musliu
Negjat Musliu 11 päeva tagasi
#free Jarvis
Jackson Ryan
Jackson Ryan 12 päeva tagasi
Epic #freeJARVIS
MARIE M 13 päeva tagasi
Becca Edlin
Becca Edlin 13 päeva tagasi
True SoaR Dylan
SBMBlackJoker 13 päeva tagasi
So secret no one will find it on yt
Faze kims
Faze kims 13 päeva tagasi
10/10 stop the cap he just got 2 0ed.
Killer Pops
Killer Pops 13 päeva tagasi
Is this is me or is the intro is recorded from morgz
Minecraft Chromebook
Minecraft Chromebook 14 päeva tagasi
Unban him
Mikhail Benn
Mikhail Benn 14 päeva tagasi
flixxx_. 15 päeva tagasi
tf was up with "the one and only valkyrae"?
Xxunhappy ._boyxX
Xxunhappy ._boyxX 15 päeva tagasi
Xxunhappy ._boyxX
Xxunhappy ._boyxX 15 päeva tagasi
Idiotic Pun
Idiotic Pun 15 päeva tagasi
Twitch_mustafa99 BTW
Twitch_mustafa99 BTW 16 päeva tagasi
G.D Animations
G.D Animations 17 päeva tagasi
Fave app
Turco Boss
Turco Boss 17 päeva tagasi
I feel like no one came lol
Mincraft and fortnite Noah_gaming
Fxeeze 18 päeva tagasi
im sorry but this kids name is baka 🤣🤣 which means idiot
Nathan Flambert
Nathan Flambert 18 päeva tagasi
Savage Sasuke
Savage Sasuke 18 päeva tagasi
The Revaloution Has Just Began
CombatSznn 20 päeva tagasi
Purple Passion
Purple Passion 21 päev tagasi
Love this!
M4rvin_M3ndoza Mendoza López
You are not a faze member hahahahahaha
Adam on yt
Adam on yt 23 päeva tagasi
drip boy
drip boy 24 päeva tagasi
free jarvis
Julie Arias
Julie Arias 25 päeva tagasi
Hi if you can hear me I’m so sad for you
getucris 25 päeva tagasi
I think I think I know
Joshua Henderson
Joshua Henderson 25 päeva tagasi
free Jarvis
RealVibeGames 25 päeva tagasi
Baka is no buns you are
Ikari 26 päeva tagasi
I love how Jarvis still makes money from Fortnite content lmao
Ikari 26 päeva tagasi
I love how Jarvis somehow managed to keep making money from Fortnite lmao
Etile The Pro
Etile The Pro 26 päeva tagasi
shadow black
shadow black 26 päeva tagasi
Festo Pro
Festo Pro 27 päeva tagasi
Holo Cool
Holo Cool 28 päeva tagasi
Who els saw faze Kay vid and looked like cosyum
Mangolorian 29 päeva tagasi
Jarvis: free Jarvis Me: didn’t you use hacks
Samurai 29 päeva tagasi
Jarvis should just make a new account
xd clan
xd clan Місяць tagasi
Dark Game
Dark Game Місяць tagasi
Your still trying to play fortnite in 2021 LOL
Haider Haider
Haider Haider Місяць tagasi
Hehe hehehehe “your name is Baka” “heh” Baaaaakka
Karey Fitzpatrick
Karey Fitzpatrick Місяць tagasi
Legjarvy On Xbox
Legjarvy On Xbox Місяць tagasi
Isn’t that his grandad though
salar Ahmad
salar Ahmad Місяць tagasi
Invite me or do 2 part of the video I am a pro
Vybez09 Місяць tagasi
Free Jarvis,,,
Chubbatrain 3737
Chubbatrain 3737 Місяць tagasi
Like for Jarvis to get unbanned
Mickey Gang
Mickey Gang Місяць tagasi
no cost
Jasmine Roberts
Jasmine Roberts Місяць tagasi
FORTINTE added the aimbot pistol
Aaron Chavez
Aaron Chavez Місяць tagasi
Can I going the freejares
Twix Mintermemes • 5401 Years Ago
I can’t tell if you were trying to recreate Niko (NDL)
Mikayla Swarn
Mikayla Swarn Місяць tagasi
Dylan something sad happened my dad is in jail
Gaming Ducky
Gaming Ducky Місяць tagasi
Come on Epic Games just let Jarvis play again!
Voxie _
Voxie _ Місяць tagasi
This was insane
ASTRO_Mohammed Місяць tagasi
Ibrahim Місяць tagasi
10:47 got me dead
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Місяць tagasi
Bijay krishnan
Bijay krishnan Місяць tagasi
Epic be like
Mike Neiderer
Mike Neiderer Місяць tagasi
Just play fornite
Deadly Play
Deadly Play Місяць tagasi
Free Jarvis chain
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Місяць tagasi
Vibez Creamy
Vibez Creamy Місяць tagasi
Why would we want you back on fortnite
Landon Walters
Landon Walters Місяць tagasi
Jarvis I will not play fortnight until you get unband
VSN ALEX Місяць tagasi
iv have been to the arena once before and its insane
The Knight with Nikes
The Knight with Nikes Місяць tagasi
Ima take this as a joke
Usjs Nchd
Usjs Nchd Місяць tagasi
𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒆 𝒋𝒂𝒓𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑷𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝑬𝒑𝒊𝒄
XxSupremeXx989 Місяць tagasi
Lol little jarvyy
Topaz Місяць tagasi
lol its a revolution
Kwanda !!!
Kwanda !!! Місяць tagasi
Ahmad Al. Khateeb
Ahmad Al. Khateeb Місяць tagasi
# free jarvaka jar vas is jar jar 🏺
icebreakerzone Місяць tagasi
"one world one people" vote for GRC today
Blayden Peelman
Blayden Peelman Місяць tagasi
Apply for my african grey parrot for man olyvenhouts sorry sms salary required jy was bang drivers card games 200 likes
GLXY 321
GLXY 321 Місяць tagasi
You can not be banners for your life
ILFISHING Місяць tagasi
Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jarvis he is insane bro
Xx.t9 ,
Xx.t9 , Місяць tagasi
DBZ Player
DBZ Player Місяць tagasi
Bro, isn't that the old man costume that your grandpa came over and played fortnite in like season 6 or 5 when tilted towers was here, exposed
The Iron Panther
The Iron Panther Місяць tagasi
Don’t worry I hate Epic Games too
Aspxct Місяць tagasi
Teawap start uploading again please.
575 Eshwar Janjirala
575 Eshwar Janjirala Місяць tagasi
I just wonder why Epic don't consider him...even after yrs They need to respond someway... He was very very good at game... They shouldn't ruin someone's career....
Thumbless Fan
Thumbless Fan Місяць tagasi
Alex has the worsed head you have the best head Jarvis
Fish_Semih Місяць tagasi
Jarvis saying I hosted fortnite secret club but the host was actually Jarvis with the mask on the thumbnail😂🤣
Kid Playz Mobile Games
Kid Playz Mobile Games Місяць tagasi
Free jarvis
David Bonilla
David Bonilla Місяць tagasi
jarvis can you make a video of giving 10,000$ i found a streamer i enjoy and he has a mom thats sick and has medical bills and i was wondering if you can make a video of him giving like 1,000$ and he is really smallhis twitch is: teaservibes and he is a small streamer
Fusion_Forever12 Місяць tagasi
I wish I was there if I only I was In Vegas
Fusion alien
Fusion alien Місяць tagasi
Free jarvis
Chicken-hour2 Місяць tagasi
Jarvis Jarvis !
·Richard uwu·
·Richard uwu· Місяць tagasi
Fine I guess we'll split the money or whatever >_< - BAKA!!!!!!
H & J Huesing
H & J Huesing Місяць tagasi
# free Jarvis
Bill Saunders
Bill Saunders Місяць tagasi
Un band
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